Visual Strategy 
Creative + Art Direction

Modeling: Michael Ramos
Animation: Jessica Tan
Do you know why customers who make PRODUCTS that go in buildings should use Autodesk software? 
Because more than likely the people designing and constructing the building are using Autodesk software.
Autodesk make software that impacts customers across a variety of industries. One of the most challenging value proposition points to articulate historically has been the bridge between industries, i.e., the tremendous efficiencies to be had by clients sticking to one company's software stack. In theory the mechanisms should work beautifully together, reality is usually more difficult. Autodesk users are sometimes small and sometimes large enterprises with varying degrees of collaboration between many types of businesses along a project and not all are on the same software. By re-enforcing the Cloud message and unique data management capabilities it helps distill a clear proposition to a sub-set of specific users.
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